Dr. Lucy Leibowitz

Providing psychological assessments, cognitive testing and behavioral therapy services.

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Due to COVID-19, I am only conducting tele-health sessions at this time. I am accepting new patients for short-term therapy.

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Dr. Lucy Leibowitz

Dr. Leibowitz is a licensed psychologist in Maryland. She received her BA in psychology from Tufts University and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from George Mason University. She completed an American Psychological Association accredited internship and two years of Fellowship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Dr. Leibowitz has worked in a variety of medical and mental health settings providing interventions, consultation, and assessment. These settings include a university based community mental health center, children's hospitals, outpatient clinics within medical institutions, and is currently also employed as a pediatric psychologist within a pediatrician’s office.

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Behavioral Psychology Services

Dr. Leibowitz specializes in assessing and providing interventions to children and adolescents with anxiety, mood, behavioral, attentional and sleep concerns across ages. Dr. Leibowitz uses evidence-based behavioral and cognitive-behavioral principles and collaborates with families to develop effective and individualized plans. Dr. Leibowitz believes in sharing research and best practice with families and working together to determine the best way to implement these approaches for each unique family.

Psycho-Educational Evaluation

Dr. Leibowitz has extensive experience conducting psychoeducational evaluations to assist with academic interventions and to inform therapeutic treatment. These evaluations assess psychological (i.e., anxiety, depression), educational, and social concerns, as well as to determine whether diagnoses of ADHD or learning disorders are warranted.

Assessments include detailed recommendations to assist in navigating concerns in school, at home, at work, and in social relationships. The goal of these assessments and diagnostic services is to provide parents schools with a thorough understanding of each individual’s strengths and areas of growth and need. Dr. Leibowitz has experience in conducting assessments with all ages (i.e., from young children through adulthood). Dr. Leibowitz provides a written evaluation including any pertinent diagnoses and reviews all results during an in-person feedback session.

Cognitive Assessment for Private School Placement or Gifted & Talented Services

Dr. Leibowitz provides testing as requested by private schools or for admissions into gifted and talented programs. These evaluations include a written report, including a description of scores that families may provide to their child’s school along with their applications. In-person feedback is provided to families to explain the information contained in the written report.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do fees and insurance work?

    Dr Leibowitz is in-network with BCBS/Carefirst or is an out-of-network provider otherwise. If you see her as an out-of-network provider, she will provide you with receipts including relevant information that may be submitted to your insurance company to request potential reimbursement. It may be helpful to contact your insurance company ahead of time to determine whether you have out-of-network benefits prior to scheduling.

    Where is your office located?

    The office of Dr. Leibowitz is located at 8821 Columbia 100 Parkway, Columbia, MD 21045.

  • What should I expect for my first assessment appointment?

    Please see the information below to better understand what to expect.

    • Please bring a copy of any relevant medical records, educational reports (i.e., 504-plan, Individualized Education Plans) and any previous assessments to the first appointment.

    • Please arrive 15 minutes early to the initial appointment to complete paperwork.

    • For young children, the initial appointment may be attended by parents only. For older children and adolescents, it is most helpful if they attend as well.

    • All testing appointments are scheduled on Mondays and begin at 9 am. Testing continues for several hours with breaks occurring as often as needed. The goal is to capture the most accurate representation of each individual’s abilities.

    • If your child takes stimulant medication (i.e., for ADHD), please discuss with Dr. Leibowitz ahead of time whether medication should be taken on the day of testing.

    • Please bring snacks, drinks, and dress in comfortable clothing. No other materials are needed on the day of testing.

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You can also reach Dr. Leibowitz at (571) 375-8293.

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The office of Dr. Leibowitz is located at 8821 Columbia 100 Parkway, Columbia, MD 21045.